Envio GRÁTIS de encomendas acima de 50,00 for Portugal ( continental )

The purchase of any product on Garrafeira de Fátima website, consists in the acceptance of the present general conditions for online sales:

1. All and whichever alcoholic beverages available for sale within our website can only be acquired by people who are of legal drinking age, in their country of residency.

2. Garrafeira de Fátima reserves the right to modify, without previous notice in whichever moment, the information and commercial offer presented upon: products, prices, sales, commercial conditions and services. The images that illustrate each product may differ from the delivered item, also the same products are liable to outage of stock.

3. Despite the efforts at Garrafeira de Fátima some products may present an inexact price, the reason of which Garrafeira de Fátima checks each price at the moment of each purchase. Consequently, all prices presented in our site are merely indicative and do not constitute of the contractual proposal. If the effective price of the product is inferior to that announced, Garrafeira de Fátima will refund the price difference. If the price is superior, Garrafeira de Fátima will contact the costumer through an email and await for the costumer’s decision on opting for the correct price or full refund and purchase cancelation in a 15 day time period counting from the date in which the email was sent.

4. Protected by Portuguese legislation, all listed prices include VAT taxes. The value of VAT can be deducted for public or private companies with legal registration in any country of the European Union.

5. Whichever case that the purchase will not satisfy the customer in part or total, will contact with the best solution. Orders are processed upon receipt of payment. The order does not consist of a reservation of the products.

6. Deals that are shown on our site, may not apply in physical stores: Leiria and Fátima.

7. Shipping and handling costs for each purchase are calculated mainly by two factors: Cost of packaging and transportation. Cost of packing per bottle is 2€. The cost of transportation depends on the weight of the order and its destination of delivery, but you will receive an email with the correct confirmation of the values. For national purchases inside continental Portugal which are above 50€, transportation is free of charge. These values may vary without previous announcement.

8. Generally, a package is delivered within 72 hours in continental Portugal, about 5 business days in Europe, and 5 to 7 days for the rest of the world.

9. All purchases made on Garrafeira de Fátima website, have a maximum payment date of 15 days. If this time frame is exceeded, the purchase will be automatically canceled.

10. All products sent by Garrafeira de Fátima shall be checked upon delivery. If by any reason, the package is damaged in any way, it shall be returned immediately to the transporter firm, justify the reason of its return in the delivery note and inform Garrafeira de Fátima as soon as possible.

11. Garrafeira de Fátima does not take responsibility for packages sent to countries that do not allow entry of alcoholic beverages. It is about the costumer’s full responsibility if the package is retained by customs. In the case of a returned package, Garrafeira de Fátima will refund only the cost of the purchased items within the package. For further information, prior shipping, please contact our office beforehand.

12. Garrafeira de Fátima recognizes to all its costumers the right of resolution of contract in which are in vigor, allowing them the time frame of 30 days for the returning of the acquired products in the terms of the Law N. º  109-G/2021 and Law  84/2021 of 10/12/2021. Any doubts, questions or additional information, please feel free to contact us by any means necessary.

13. All purchases made on Garrafeira de Fátima website are subject to Portuguese legislation. Any conflict or divergence of the interpretation of the General Conditions for Online Purchases will be submitted to the competent Portuguese Tribunal.

14. In case the customer is located outside continental Portugal, Garrafeira de Fátima informs that whichever judicial process will be taken place within Portuguese Tribunals.

 15. We reserve the right to cancel orders that originate incorrect values due to computer errors, returning the amounts paid immediately to the buyers.

Present online general conditions can vary without previous notice, thus being, they must be consulted prior to each purchase.